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YouTube has been a haven for people to talk about pretty much whatever they want to and earn a small amount of money from it. In terms of video games, this can include let’s players, as well as other people who talk about video games, such as theorists, reviewers, and the like.

Recently, YouTube decided to take a step further in enacting rules and regulations that are meant to prevent people to monetizing videos right off the bat that are seen as obscene, infringing, or harassing in nature. However, despite what many people are claiming, the regulations are not as strict as many people are making it out to be.

According to YouTube, their new guidelines require that all people who make videos have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes of watch time within 12 months to qualify for monetization. Many YouTubers are claiming that this is some form a censorship, or way to stifle creativity on the part of YouTube, but that does not seem to be the case.

YouTube is not preventing anyone who wants to make videos from doing so, they are just imposing standards on when people can start earning money from ads placed on the videos. However, many people are running under the assumption that since they can no longer get paid for their work, that they have less motivation to create things like Let’s Plays.

In fact, it should be good to note that any money that you would have received when under this threshold would have been so small as to become meaningless. In an interview, YouTube states:

Though these changes will affect a significant number of channels, 99 percent of those affected were making less than $100 per year in the last year, with 90 percent earning less than $2.50 in the last month.

With Adsense not paying until you reach the 100$ threshold anyways, it is not a significant loss for the vast majority of channels. However, how does this play with gaming channels themselves?

Many people adore the idea of playing games and writing about them and earning a living from it. This can be harmed through what is referred to as the Adpocalypse (When YouTube allows advertisers to select what they deem Advertiser Friendly). Although even this might not account for much when it comes to gaming channels, except in specific instances where the game could be seen as excessively violent or profane,

A YouTube Spokesperson talking about Forbes stated:

We reviewed the channels discussed by Forbes and found that on the three gaming channels mentioned, none of the videos were entirely demonetized. Over 90% of the videos on each channel were fully monetized, while some had more limited monetization options. This can be due to factors like excessive violence, even in games, and excessive profanity.

So it seems that most people who make video-game related content will not suffer significant damages through this either. It is good to note that despite all of this, there are many other ways in which you can monetize a gaming channel that can help you to earn any money lost through potentially less advertising.

For one, gaming channels are in a unique opportunity to make direct sponsorships with companies, as well as be able to engage in affiliate marketing easier than other types of channels, like news channels, or vlogs. Many of the larger gaming channels, aside from making money by utilizing sponsorship deals also utilize Patreon, which allows for fans to be able to support the creation of further content within a channel directly.

Despite what the fear and freakout seem to be when it comes to smaller YouTube channels, it appears that most gaming channels should be fine. Even small gaming channels should fair well when it comes to getting enough subscribers and watch time so long as they create high-quality content.

So there seems to be no need to worry, and to make as many high-quality gaming videos as you want.

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