What Nice Technology Can We Expect In 2018?

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The technology trends were immense and impactful in 2017 with AI (Artificial Intelligence) topped the charts in our opinion. (See our Article for Deep Learning AI) Technology trends of 2018 are set to shift focus on IoT (Internet of Things), and many other technologies are knocking the doors of technology 2018.

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So what sweet tech can we anticipate in 2018 and which future technology in 2018 will make waves? We have six tech trends for 2018, and everyone should keep his or her eyes on it.

1.      Blockchain

Who does not heard about the potential of the blockchain, by now? Blockchain technology is primarily a method of managing information and access securely. The staple of blockchain depends on the basic idea of decentralization. It distributes the risk and power equitably across members in a network.

Startups of blockchain are finding ingenious ways and different niches in this industry by substituting the intermediary parties, such as agents, brokers, etc. It is happening because of smart contract that verifies the actions automatically without sacrificing data security.

File Coin and Game Flip are a couple of new platforms that are solving challenges in the market, worth billions of dollars. Sparkle Coin is another company; they are adopting it on a colossal scale by letting customers to buy services and products from largest online stores by using cryptocurrencies.

2.      Internet of things

IoT latest technology will become a talk of the town in 2018. It has the potential to affect how we work and how we live.

The time is not far away from where we will witness our machines like washing machines, juicers, microwaves and even things like birdfeeders will be linked to the internet, and we can expect this all in IoT 2018.

With the support of geospatial data of our devices, technology companies will automate and optimize systems. They will eliminate inefficiencies occurred because of human errors.

3.      Augmented reality

Pokemon Go was just a glimpse of what AR (Augmented Reality) is capable of. In our judgment, it is the technology that will make the most impact in our society in 2018.

In the mid of 2017, Google and Apple both introduced ARCore and ARKit respectively. Software and hardware are improving day by day; we can anticipate seeing developers making AR apps in a tremendous amount of number in 2018.

Only startups are not looking to enter in this field. Many of the tech giants around the world are investing in AR to improve their user’s experience.

4.      Chatbots

Chatbots are the interfaces at the front end on websites to communicate with the customers. It is expected technology in 2018 that will leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) to offer more interactive and enriching experience for users.

You will be the observer in 2018 that every website has chatbot on its homepage. However, some may also rely on platforms like Slack and Facebook for distribution.

It is one of the conventional products of 2018 we will see across all businesses including travel, dining, and hospitality. They will create chatbots for marketing and sale services and customer support.

5.      E-Commerce

Once and for all e-commerce will overtake retail business in 2018.  According to a report published in Forrester, 83% of the US adults bought something on Amazon in 2017.

The number will grow in 2018, and digital stores will become more attractive and convenient choice for consumers.

It is going to be interesting to see which companies establish their digital presence significantly enough to secure their business from this disruption.

6.      Automation

Last but not the least, machines and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will become predominant in the professional world. There will be virtual assistants, and perhaps they will vanish many existing jobs.

Although humans are imperative in most of the industries, there are many places where enterprises will automate things with the assistance of embedded technology.

Wrapping It Up

So these were some of the nice techs we can expect in 2018. However, technologies like machine intelligence or artificial intelligence have the potential to shift worker demand and also put millions of jobs out of place.

In the end, these are just expectations; we must say that it will be interesting to see what will happen in 2018. We must wait and see.

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