Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury Campaign released this month

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Raiders of the Broken Planet is an online action-adventure game from developer MercurySteam. The game received its first campaign earlier this year, and now fans of the online game will be getting a brand-new campaign very soon.

The next campaign for the game is called “Wardog Fury” which features four new epic story missions that can be played in various ways. All of these missions can be played in single player, four player co-op or the 4v1 Antagonist mode.

Mercury Steam has also announced the story of this new campaign. Players will face General Marmalade and his Umbra Wardogs faction. The insane general conducts narcotic and Aleph experiments on himself and his people to create compelling and deadly mutants. This campaign will be exposing players to what Aleph abuse in humans looks like and why some humans are determined to abuse it while keeping it all for themselves. Naturally, gamers won’t just get to fight these abominations on the battlefield. It will also be possible to recruit some mutated allies to join the Raiders.

Four new characters have been confirmed to be coming with this campaign:

  • Loaht – A rogue experiment created by General Marmalade
  • Doldren – Native to the Broken Planet, he can fight with weapons and melee
  • Lune – This Broken Planet naive has the unique ability to weave and manipulate Aleph to provide unique powers
  • The General found H.I.V.E – Perhaps the most exciting addition, H.I.V.E in an old temple. He then attempted to enslave it; however, it broke free and joined the Raiders for unknown reasons.

Wardog Fury will be releasing for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 30th later this month. It’s expected to cost the same price as the first campaign, $/£9.99 across all available platforms.

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