Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is coming soon

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Beamdog, a Canadian-based development studio has announced in a live stream that they will be working on an enhanced edition of the classic game: Neverwinter Nights. Neverwinter Nights is a third-person role-playing game initially developed by Bioware.

This is just the latest of many remakes that Beamdog have been doing. They have also remade Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate, and Planetscape. This is done to make the game more playable to people nowadays, as Neverwinter Nights was initially published over 15 years ago.

A note from Beamdog CEO Trent Oster:
Neverwinter Nights was a unique game that distilled the essence of Dungeons & Dragons and allowed players to build, share and act as Dungeon Master for amazing gaming experiences.I think this unique combination makes Neverwinter Nights one of the most versatile role playing game experiences of all time.
I invite everyone interested in the future of Neverwinter Nights to join the Beamdog forums. We hope it will become a new home where you can speak directly with the development team. We need to know what YOU want to see Neverwinter Nights become, and we’ll do our best to meet and exceed those expectations.

Beamdog started a countdown timer on their website that was meant to end at 12 pm on November 21st. After that, they announced the new release of Neverwinter Nights. They have even released a video on YouTube detailing many of the changes that the game will go through.

The list of enhancements that new players and returning fans can look forward to are as follows:

The original Neverwinter Nights campaign: Find yourself at the center of intrigue, betrayal, and dark magic in Neverwinter Nights. Journey through dangerous cities, monster-filled dungeons and deep into an uncharted wilderness in search of the cure for a cursed plague ravaging the city of Neverwinter.

Two expansion packs:

  • Shadows of Undrentide: Another adventure begins in Shadows of Undrentide! Charged by your master to recover four ancient artifacts, travel from the Silver Marches to unravel mysteries of a long-dead magical civilization.
  • Hordes of the Underdark: Continue the adventure started in Shadows of Undrentide and journey into the ever-more bizarre and hostile depths of Undermountain to challenge a gathering evil.

Three premium modules:
Discover over 40 hours of new stories, then go on to sample the hundreds of modules created by community members just like you.

  • Kingmaker
  • ShadowGuard
  • Witch’s Wake

The Aurora Toolset: Build your world full of unique monsters, items, traps, encounters, and settings, then share your creation with the rest of the Neverwinter Nights community. (Windows only)

Dungeon Master Client: Become the storyteller! Control monsters, creatures, and characters your players will meet over the course of an adventure.


Dungeon Master Client: Become the storyteller! Control monsters, creatures, and characters your players will meet over the course of an adventure.

The good thing about the enhanced edition is that it will only be 19.99 in order to preorder it. In a world where the latest games nowadays retail at 80$ each, this is a breath of fresh air. Which is great, as this even includes all of the expansions for the game to date.

The release date has not yet been announced, but many fans are excited for the games release. Hopefully it will be ready for release before the next holiday season.

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