Money in Games: Is 80$ for a Game Too High?

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Many people are fretting about the cost of games, claiming that spending 80$ for a game is too much money. This is something I have often heard when people talk about the value of games like Star Wars Battlefront II. However, is it too much money? What goes into making a game, and were they less expensive back in the day?

What Goes Into A Game?

It is easy to claim that a game company should just make a game and sell it for a low price. Especially if you are ignorant of all the work, effort, time, and expenses that go into it. This can include:

  • Hiring highly skilled programmers and graphic designers for potentially thousands of hours of work.
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Prototyping (Unused assets, etc)
  • Maintaining (Downtime)

All of this and more goes into the creation of a game and where the money goes, and this is long before making a profit and getting enough money to make future games. This includes the competition with other consoles and developers to get the best graphics, the best storyline, gameplay, etc. catches the attention of gamers. Knowing all this, it is somewhat shocking how some companies can sell their games at such low prices.

As a result of this, it is not shocking to find out that massive games turn to microtransactions to help pay some of the costs and make a profit.

Is 80$ A New High Price?

Actually, no. Back in the 1990’s, the typical NES games cost about 50$. If we took that and adjusted for the cost of inflation today, that game would cost the same as 97$, almost twice the cost! This is even far higher than the 80$ price tag for a game today. Games nowadays are much cheaper than they have ever been.

So why are people complaining? Well, as I always say, when you have been raised in privilege, any deviation from that feels like oppression. We have grown accustomed to this new lower price tag, and as a result, anything else just seems like the industry is only being money-hungry.

Also, if you think that a PlayStation 3 was expensive at 599$? Consider the fact that the Neo Geo was 650$ when it launched in 1990. Adjusting for inflation, however, that price climbs to a staggering 1260$ in today’s money. Imagine those costs today.

So in conclusion, no, 80$ for a game is not too high. We’ve just gotten accustomed to not having to pay that much for video games, so now it seems huge. However, historically, games were far more expensive and provided far less than games nowadays, which have high graphics and hundreds of hours of gameplay.

But you should not forget, that this relates to games, which have enough content which is worth the price.

For example:
The Witcher Series – we all know, that this is worth all the money.
Grand Theft Auto – Huge Map, much content. Of course, it is worth.

And these are only a few of the games.

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