JRPG Omega Quintet makes it to PC

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Ghostlight Games, a British-based gaming development company, announced that they were going to bring their famous JRPG Omega Quintet and port it to the PC. This news came three years after the games initial debut in Japan, two years in the American market.

Its release met with varied reviews, with many people adoring the turn-based battle system. This game’s PC release will come complete with controller support, and dual audio. The game will be made available on December 15th and will have a discounted price tag. The same amount will be 17.99, but after January 4th, that price is meant to rise to 29.99.

The game surrounds the story of the “Verse Maidens,” having you play as their manager. Your job is to combat a mysterious illness known as Blair, which is taking over the minds of the citizens of the citizens. Weapons and abilities in this game are based on sound and singing, and you can build up your popularity to perform abilities or special attacks.

You also have the option of changing your idol’s outfits and hair what is common for Compile Heart games. Enemies that perform powerful attacks can destroy bits and pieces of your costume, which can lower your defense and leave you more prone to attacks. Outfits in this game act more like armor, and breaking them make battles harder as a result.

This game also has the PVS or “Promotional Video System,” which allows you to use specific animations in-game to create a custom music video. This game and price point will be released on December 15th works great for a holiday and allows people to buy the title just in time.

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