Clicker Heroes 2 Rejects Free-To-Play

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Playsaurus has an upcoming idle clicker game known as Clicker Heroes 2. An Idle Clicker game is when the player has to do pretty much nothing else other than click their mouse in order to play. A good example of this kind of game would be the notorious Cookie Clicker.

However, future similar games would come with monetization options, like ads, or microtransactions. Playsourus decided to uproot this tradition, and decided to make the game able to be paid for with one flat rate. This eliminates the Free-to-play model that has been expected for games like this.

The original Clicker Heroes has you going through many different worlds and fighting various monsters through clicking. When asked why they are charging for their sequel, they wrote a whole article about it on their site.

We had to choose one of two models: Paid upfront like traditional games, or free-to-play with a real-money shop like Clicker Heroes 1. We chose paid upfront, for $29.99 (fully refundable for a year after launch), and we are in a situation where we have to explain ourselves to a massive number of players who were expecting/hoping for a free sequel. There are several reasons why we are making this decision.

They included many reasons, including ethical reasons, game design reasons, and even reasons related to preorders.

Going forward we’re going to at least try the paid-up-front model for our business. It may or may not work. It probably isn’t worth nearly as much money, but at least we can do it with a cleaner conscience.

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