Capcom making new Side Scrolling Mega Man game

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Many Mega Man fans will enjoy 2018, as not only is there a new Mega Man game on the horizon, Mega Man 11, but all 8 Mega Man X games will be ported to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will also be ported to the Nintendo Switch, but are already available on the PS4 and Xbox One. The ported versions will provide plenty of gameplay while gamers await the new title.

This is to prepare the audience for Mega Man 11, which is coming to the same systems by the end of next year. It will be the first side-scrolling mega man game to be released by the franchise since Mega Man 10 in 2010. With the silence in the franchise, many feared that the mega man series died out. Many people loved the side-scrolling platformer, and it’s disappearance launched the inspiration for the indie soul successor game, Mighty No. 9.

The art style of the game is meant to be 2.5D. This means that it will have 3D graphics but with a more 2Dish background. Many people enjoy the more hand-drawn art style, while a few others are critical of the reception. Many are fidgety about this game due to the atrocity that was Mighty No. 9.

This signifies the newest release of the 30-year-old franchise, with the first Mega Man releasing on December 17th, 1987. The release date of the game is scheduled for Christmas of 2018, but it is unsure if there will be any delays. So only time can tell if the fanbase will well receive the game.

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