Brawlout Early Access Review

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Brawlout is a fighting game in the same respect that Super Smash Brothers is a combative game. It is a Unity game created by Angry Mob Studios. While the game has a fair amount going for it, we feel as if it falls flat when it comes to certain aspects, especially compared to the very similar game.

Not to say that it is by any means a bad game, but when one is trying to mimic a well-known franchise, unless you are adding something new and exciting, you won’t stack up.


The mechanics of the game felt fairly smooth. We hate to make this comparison, but pretty much all of the game mechanics seem to be a copy from a well-known game. For instance, the game has a damage counter, and when it gets higher, the easier it is for you to knock your opponent off the map.

Other features, such as the triple jump, the movesets, the evasion ability, the level design and usage, etc., all seem like they were ripped off of Smash Brothers. Even all the way down to the ability to change the CPU difficulty level and the ability to change character colors seem unoriginal. One of the few unique things they bring to the table is the Rage Mode, which is a special that power up your moves for a short time.

While this does not break the game, it does make me wonder why I would spend any amount of money on this game as opposed to simply buying the newer Super Smash Brothers.

You can play by yourself, or you can play online respectively locally with friends. Up to 4 people can play at a time, which gives you plenty of opportunities to become king of the hill.

Graphics and Design

We are a bit mixed about the graphics of the game. Despite the fact that they are pretty decently designed characters, each having their own unique backstory, the characters themselves seem a bit blocky.

We know that is the aesthetic of the game, and that alone is not a reason to think ill of the game, but we feel as if it makes the game look a fair amount cheaper than it otherwise would. Then again, the game was made with Unity, and a lot of indie artists tend to create Unity characters and worlds looks very similar.

The characters themselves are highly diverse, but they are very forgettable. For instance, the only three female characters in the game seem to suffer from Mortal Kombat syndrome, because they look like recolored carbon copies of each other with a different horn.

A couple of other characters do feel as if they are just reskinned, or doubles, without significant differences among their designs. It does have the fighter from Guacamelee though, so it has a small amount of credence.

Another reason, why they are forgettable is, that they are not that well-known as other characters. They have to be pushed. Greater stories could be one solution.

Our favorite characters are The Drifter and Sephi’ra, the fighting style is simple and fun. But another reason could be because they seems to be like an homage to Link from The Legend of Zelda and Fox McCloud.


The music was OK, but I have to admit that I don’t even remember it. The music was pretty good to fight with or to have as you are on the menus, but it is by no means memorable. It does not have me wanting to seek out the soundtrack on Amazon to play while I am doing work.

It is in no way bad, but I feel as if the composition could have been better.

Online Play

We played a couple of matches online, and they worked fairly well. However, on at least one occasion, my opponents wifi was so slow that it made the match almost unplayable.

But it is an excellent way to rank up if you are into competitive play, or play against friends.

The local multiplayer is really fun. It is like many fighting games, eat some snacks, fight one match after the other until midnight and you ask yourself where the time is going.

One thing that can give the game a really significant boost: Cross-platform – The Game is playable on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Xbox One and PS4 is coming Soon. So cross-platform fighting is something what the game really could raise it above the others.


It’s an otherwise fun game, and we enjoyed playing it and we will probably play it in the future. However, we don’t think it stands anywhere close to the game that it is seemingly trying to imitate. It should bring more to the table than what appears to be carbon copies of mechanics that are used by a game series that it can’t surpass. We feel as if it would have been better if it would try to find a name for itself. Create newer mechanics and more notably designed characters might have made this game stand out more than it seems to be. Maybe cross-platform is conceivable. If you are looking for a pretty decent fighting game, then this seems like a good alternative.


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